A Taste of History Cookbook


The 15-time Emmy Award winning television series, A Taste of History, is no longer just on screen! Host Chef Walter Staib has written his latest cookbook: a companion book for the series, complete with step-by-step instructions written for the modern kitchen. This book is not just a cookbook, but a glimpse into the history and experiences that exist behind the scenes with a personal story or historical anecdote from Chef Walter Staib included with the recipes that you have enjoyed watching over the years.

Each recipe was painstakingly translated from open hearth to oven by Chef Staib to ensure that the dishes prepared will have all of the character, flavor and beauty of what you see on TV. The only thing missing is the smoke! This book also includes detailed Chef’s notes that will be helpful for any technique on which you may need guidance or ingredient for which you need an alternative, in addition to all of the tricks of the trade needed to successfully recreate the fare of our Founding Fathers.

The beautiful photographs were styled by Chef Staib himself on authentic 18th Century China in his flagship restaurant in Old City, Philadelphia: the world-famous City Tavern.

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Exclusively signed by Chef Walter Staib. Purchasing the book through Chef Staib is the only outlet with hand-signed books!


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