A Taste of History – The Thomas Jefferson Collection


Season #1, Disk #3

‘A Taste of History®’ The Thomas Jefferson Collection

In this next series City Tavern Chef/Proprietor Walter Staib makes history as he becomes the first and only chef to cook in Thomas Jefferson’s kitchen at his historic Monticello Estate. Watch as he tours the estate with Monticello’s Senior Curator Susan Stein, explores Jefferson’s verdant garden with Peter Hatch – Director of Garden’s and Grounds and prepares some of Jefferson’s favorite foods in his 18th century kitchen with Dr. Leni Sorensen – Monticello expert on the slave cooks who prepared the food there.

Episode 105 – Tour Jefferson’s Estate
Chef Staib prepares Fried Asparagus and Stuffed Cabbage from a recipe copied out of Jefferson’s own hand, originally called cabbage pudding.

Episode 106 – “The Dependencies”
They housed the beer, wine cellars and the ice house. Staib borrows Jefferson’s kitchen to prepare his favorite Bouilli (boiled beef).

Episode 107 – Jefferson’s Garden
Jefferson carefully cultivated over 330 vegetable varieties, along with a host of fruits, in his legendary garden. White Bean and Bacon Soup and Chicken Fricassée are prepared.

Episode 108 – Get To Know James Hemming
In this episode learn more about James Hemming, Jefferson’s slave cook who accompanied Jefferson to France to learn the ways of French cuisine. Chef Staib prepares a tour-de-force final menu, Curried Lamb Stew with Rice Pilaf and Stewed Mushrooms along with Dr. Leni Sorensen, Monticello expert on the slave cooks who worked there.

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