The City Tavern Cookbook


Recipes from the Birthplace of American Cuisine, is a gorgeously-illustrated cookbook that includes a wealth of American culinary history. With over 300 luscious, simple-to-make recipes and vibrant color photography, this amazing cookbook will help home chefs recreate the many foods enjoyed by George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

“I want this book to encourage readers to time-travel, in a sense, by preparing these authentic meals themselves,” says Chef Staib. “This is a book that invites them to step into City Tavern, both with its incredible collection of authentic recipes and with its evocative depiction of the passion and upheaval of the Revolutionary era.”

“I included a wide variety of recipes that are appropriate for all audiences, from the inexperienced chef with a passion for culinary history to the four-star home cook or restaurateur seeking out an engaging new challenge,” says Chef Staib.

City Tavern is 384 pages of fascinating details and exciting recipes for everything from Veal Fricassée with Oysters to Vanilla Bean Blanc Mange. Traditional basics, including Pennsylvania Dutch-Style Sauerkraut and Chicken aux Fines Herbes appear alongside fascinating “period” dishes such as West Indies Pepperpot Soup and Roasted Prime Rib on Yorkshire Pancakes.

Some of the most special recipes in the collection are those sourced directly from America’s founders, among them Martha Washington’s Chocolate Mousse Cake and Benjamin Franklin’s Beer Recipe. Such genuine touches make City Tavern cookbook a vivid account of America’s original cuisine.

Exclusively signed by Chef Walter Staib. Purchasing the book through Chef Staib is the only outlet with hand-signed books!

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