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Spectacular Seasoning

Chef Walter Staib’s own blend of herbs and spices makes every dish… You guessed it… Spectacular! This well-rounded rub with a dash of spice is ideal for all types of cuisine. Try it on poultry, pasta, salmon, steak, ham, or sprinkle on your popped corn and French fries to add vibrancy to any dish as extraordinary as Chef Staib.

A Taste of History Seasoning

Chef Staib’s Emmy® award winning television series, A Taste of History sheds light on little known aspects of culinary tradition both past and present. He has blended different aspects of the spices he has experiences across the globe to create this unique combination of slightly sweet, spicy, and savory. Perfect on a steak or ribs, or to spice up an apple cobbler.

Mediterranean Seasoning

This blend of spices is an homage to Mediterranean Cuisine. The geographic region has a vast amount of cultural variance which makes this blend very versatile. A warming seasoning that lends a pleasing savory, slightly sweet and subtle heat to rice pilafs, pastas, soups, and stews, or as a dry rub for salmon, scallops, lobster, or blended with a seafood stir-fry.

Steak and Meat Rub

Proper seasoning can make all the difference between a bland chunk of meat and a course fit for a founding father. American Colonists understood the value of spices and sailed the world in search of the very finest flavors. This spice mix is great to flavor steak and grilled meats and compliments salads, vegetables, and pastas as well.

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